I've got my best shoes on, I'm ready to go.

hi, my name is Jared. I'm a human that lives in Brooklyn, NY. The outside of my head looks like this. The inside of my head looks like this.

I'm one of the founders of blip.tv, where you can discover the best in original web series. My offical title is Chief Engineer, but who's counting? I recently started a blog using Tumblr.

I also play music. My previous band, Finite State, is on hiatus, and my current band, Slow Rapids, is actively playing in the five boroughs.

Here are some past projects for your perusal.

Here are a couple of toys:

I'd put my e-mail address up here, but I fear spam. You can probably figure it out just from what you've read so far.

lastly, the older, funnier page.

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